Seven Star has provided self defense training in the Seattle community for more than 37 years. We serve all populations including women, teens, girls, LBGTQ, deaf, men, seniors, and the homeless. We offer specialized workshops for community, private, and corporate groups.

We teach practical self-defense that relies on verbal and physical strategies including situational awareness, de-escalation, boundary setting, verbal self defense, and responses to physical grabs and attacks.  Students learn self defense skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our classes and workshops include the following self-defense tools:

  • Gaining a confident demeanor

  • Vulnerable targets on an attacker

  • Discovering your physical power

  • Using your intuition

  • De-escalation skills

  • Grab releases

  • Information on weapons

  • Resources for survivors of violence and abuse



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Sunday, April 7th, 1pm - 3pm for individuals who identify as women or girls, and non-binary/genderfluid folks comfortable training in an all women environment. Age 11 and up

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