Dues Payments

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Apply here for scholarship for monthly dues. 

Any Seven Star student may request a partial dues scholarship.  Scholarship applications are reviewed and approved administratively. You will be notified via email regarding your scholarship status and approval. Scholarship applications are valid for a 3-month period. You must re-apply after three months to maintain your scholarship status. When you are on scholarship, you pay $45/month in dues. If this amount remains cost prohibitive, please contact Gina at gina@sevenstarwomenskungfu.com to discuss other options. 

Upcoming Events

Trans Pride We will be marching and tabling at Trans Pride on Friday, June 28th. Stay tuned for meet up location and details.

Pride March Sunday, June 30th. We are #134 in the lineup this year. Staging on 4th Avenue between Marion and Columbia St. Join us to march and demo or volunteer by pulling a wagon, carrying a banner, etc. Friends and family are welcome to join us!

PAWMA Camp 2019 Register for PAWMA camp August 23-26 in Turner, Oregon! Scholarships are available from PAWMA and from Seven Star. This is an excellent chance to train with other women & gender diverse martial artists from the West Coast. For more info, talk to Gin, Tyler, or Veronica. To apply for a PAWMA scholarship from Seven Star, you can fill out Seven Star's PAWMA scholarship form.

Recurring Dates

Try A Free Class Wed September 4th, 6:30-8. Invite your friends!

Next Beginners Cycle starts September 10th. Open enrollment through September 17th.

Next Steering Committee Meeting (in dressing room): 4th Tuesday of the month, 6:15 pm


Purple/Orange Belt Test Tobin (Purple) and Kimberly (Orange).

Black Belt Tests Tyler, Sunday July 14th at 10am; Martha and Katie, Saturday, October 5th at 10am

Student Handouts