Dues Payments

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Apply here for scholarship for monthly dues. 

Any Seven Star student may request a partial dues scholarship.  Scholarship applications are reviewed and approved administratively. You will be notified via email regarding your scholarship status and approval. Scholarship applications are valid for a 3-month period. You must re-apply after three months to maintain your scholarship status. When you are on scholarship, you pay $45/month in dues. If this amount remains cost prohibitive, please contact Gina at gina@sevenstarwomenskungfu.com to discuss other options. 

Upcoming Events

Seven Star Retreat Saturday June 1st to Sunday June 2nd. No classes at Seven Star June 1.

Weapons focused classes: Thursday, May 23rd: 6-7:30pm. All levels welcome, but focus will be on white/orange level material. Tuesday, June 11th: 7:30-9pm. Open to all levels.

Recurring Dates

Try A Free Class Wed September 4th, 6:30-8. Invite your friends!

Next Beginners Cycle starts September 10th. Open enrollment through September 17th.

Next Steering Committee Meeting (in dressing room): 4th Tuesday of the month, 6:15 pm


**Black Belt Tests. Tyler, Sunday July 14th at 10am; Martha and Katie, Saturday, October 5th at 10am

Student Handouts