Sifu Allyson Riley


Co-Chief Instructor Sifu Allyson Riley has been training at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu since 1992, and holds the rank of fifth degree black belt. She was named Assistant Head Instructor in 2009 by Sifu Michelle McVadon, and began taking on her own students in December 2013. She was promoted to 5th degree and named Co-Chief Instructor in Sept. 2015.

Sifu Allyson discovered Seven Star while looking for a self-defense class. She didn’t know she would also be learning kung fu, but quickly became hooked.

Sifu Allyson finds great joy in empowering new generations of women to defend themselves, while also witnessing and facilitating their transformation into martial artists. She especially enjoys teaching fighting skills – sparring, street fighting, defense against multiple attackers – in an approach that emphasizes having fun, being safe and building confidence.

She has been an instructor at the annual PAWMA camp, and teaches self defense in middle school PE classes in Seattle.

Sifu Allyson lives in North Seattle with her husband John and daughter Charlotte. She’s especially looking forward to the day she teaches Charlotte’s Girl Scout troop how to break boards!