Sigung Michelle McVadon

Co-Chief Instructor Sigung Michelle McVadon started training at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu in 1983. She received her first-degree black belt in 1989 from Sifu Anne Moon, the school’s founder, and became co-head instructor the following year. Sigung McVadon became head instructor in 1995, when Sifu Moon retired from teaching. She continued her own Kajukenbo training under Grand Master Barbara Bones. Grand Master Bones is a 9th degree black belt promoted by Grand Master Rich Mainenti. She is a gifted instructor who still brings her inspiring teaching to Seven Star with annual workshops.

Sigung Michelle McVadon holds the rank of 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo, a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido, and a black belt in Seido Jiujitsu. She creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere for learning. Sigung Michelle constantly strives to find the most effective methods to facilitate individual student growth and help students find joy in the martial arts. Sigung uses students as mentors and models for other students. She insists upon students respecting themselves, their teachers, their peers, and their training space.

Sigung Michelle was inspired to begin teaching self defense early on in her training. She has built a strong self defense program at Seven Star and has made countless adults teens, and kids feel safer in their lives. She is working to train more self defense teachers at the school.